KFI Conversion Milestones

Picture-0231985: KFI's private segregated school for children between the ages of 5 and 20 was phased out. Recognizing the need for children with disabilities to interact and be educated with typical children, KFI worked with local schools to transition our remaining students into their neighborhood schools.

1987: Due to the success of job placement and supported employment, KFI closed its sheltered workshop, Earl Bruce Industries. The vocational assessment service was moved to a local hospital in order to provide training and evaluation in a real work setting. Today, trial work experiences are provided in individual businesses where people are seeking employment.

1989: All sheltered work was abolished in favor of supported employment and KFI's Work Activity Program was transformed into Community Living Services. Today, these services still provide broad opportunities for people to participate in community life.

1996: KFI effectively ended all center-based services by closing its Community Living Services Center. Today, 100% of KFI's services are provided in community settings in individualized and personalized ways.


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