Community Supports

Brief Description

community-supportsKFI provides people with broad opportunities to go about their community, to use its resources, develop friendships and relationships, and valued roles. The service also provides training and opportunity in areas of personal growth such as home management skills, fitness and health, interpersonal relationships, pathway to employment (including volunteerism, job shadowing, discovery), and leisure pursuits.

Service Location

Individuals receive services out of their homes and in their own
communities on an individual or small group basis; some people receive a combination of home-based and community-based services.

Who Qualifies

People with developmental disabilities such as intellectual disabilities or autism.

Who Refers

Individual Support Coordinators from the Department of Health and Human Services and Community Case Managers from community agencies.

Who Pays

The Department of Health and Human Services through the Medicaid Waiver program – Sections 21 and 29.

Service Outcome

People with disabilities participate in community life, meet with friends, conduct business, contribute their time and talents to others through volunteer work. Service recipients grow less dependent upon family and paid caregivers for daily living tasks; some are inspired to move into their own homes after years of dependence on others.


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