Home Supports

Brief Description

home-servicesKFI provides flexible supports to individuals to meet their unique needs while living in their own homes and apartments. KFI's supported living services are designed for people who require minimal assistance or those who require up to 24 hours of support each day. Areas of support provided may include: shopping and cooking, budgeting, leisure time activity and friendship development, volunteerism and community participation, personal hygiene, etc. 

Service Location

People receiving supported living services can live anywhere within KFI's service area (primarily Penobscot County)

Who Qualifies

People with developmental disabilities (no matter how complex) who wish to live in a home of their own – with or without a roommate; and whose parents/guardians wish them to move from the family home and want more stability and permanence for them than a foster, group, or boarding home can offer.

Who Refers

Department of Health and Human Services

Who Pays

People with developmental disabilities (including autism) are funded through theMedicaid Waiver Program which is seeded by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Service Outcome

People with disabilities live in their own homes and take control of their own lives with supports from paid staff at KFI, their friends and families, neighbors, and a network of others in the community.


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